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     Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We have been privileged to do many fun, exciting and challenging missions during the past year.
Thank you for that all our customers!

One thing is certain. The trend in our industry is extremely fast and demands increase. Faster flow and demands for shorter series is something that is in demand more and more. By developing the skills of our staff, invest in new technology and constantly working with production and quality issues, we are at the forefront in the field of information carriers and sheet metal.

Today's SMF-Skylt consists of a team of experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the label, plates, material and color selection. Together with our customers we develop long-term, sustainable quality solutions.

For more than ninety years, we have been a reliable partner in the labeling and label area. We promise to remain so many years to come!

Merry Christmas

Lars Runbom
CEO, AB Svenska Maskinskyltfabriken


Total solutions are
our specialty!

We develop our concept - to offer complete solution within housing walls!
This, together with the knowledge, experience and investment in new machinery and innovative solutions makes us the industry leader. We carry all types of labels and sheet metal and has extensive experience in the field. Our flexibility is great and we produce and deliver advanced plate and sheet products with the latest production technology. Individual products or volume production does not matter.

Allt i huset

Electronics boxes, signs, decals, overlays or
marking on various materials - from idea to finished product.

By partnering with us on SMF-Skylt , our customers gets an active partner in problem solving, design, materials, production of documents, stamping, grinding, bending, welding, finishing, labeling, screen printing and assembling of parts.

Questions about labeling or sheetmetal? Do not hesitate to contact us!