News from SMF-Skylt #5

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The challenge is to find bright spots when the the darkness of winter is getting closer. One of those bright spots is to meet many of our customers during Subcontractor.

We will be at Elmia Subcontractor again this year and we've done in recent years we are located in Hall B and at stand B08: 58. I hope that you are able to drop by our booth and look at what we have to offer in our selection of featured information carriers. If you unlikely not received any invitations, so you can go through the link below and register for the fair.

Please visit our website and see our opportunities - we are unique in the industry with such a variety of machines and facilities under one roof.

Everything from signs to advanced panels and chassis construction.

For more than ninety years, we have been a reliable partner in the labeling and label area. We promise to remain so many years to come!

Lars Runbom
CEO, AB Svenska Maskinskyltfabriken

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A sign carries an informational message and passes into various shapes, thickness, size and material. We produce everything from small plates to large machine logo plates made of plastic and metal, the material chosen for the environment in which the sign is be installed.

Our main product is anodized aluminium with colour printing where we have the entire production process in house which gives us control over quality, delivery and environmental assurance.

This is used for signs, panels and surface treatment services and provides extremely durable products.





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Our automated line for the surface treatment of aluminum provides anodizing, coloring and passivation.

The method provides a surface that is corrosion resistant, durable and decorative.

After anodizing dyeing can be done in different colours.

The environment is in constant mind, and we strive to reach as environmentally friendly manufacturing processes as possible.

We also accept goods for finishing. 

Questions about labeling or sheetmetal? Do not hesitate to contact us!